Friday, May 11, 2012

So fast your head will spin!

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On a whim I went to my favorite thrift yesterday.  I don't usually leave the house on Thursdays but really needed a mental break from researching, cleaning, sorting, packing, photographing, listing.  You get the idea how time consuming this monster of a business can be.  Off to relax I went by doing what? that's right... securing more merchandise. Wow, I must be a glutton for punishment.

I found this incredibly cool looking puzzle there,Crazy Maze by TOMY. This baby is a monstrous maze of the 2D Ball kind, the thing is scary hard. I found it mint in the box and its from the 80's! THE 80's! I love the 80's. That time period is my passion and my obsession. OK back to the puzzle, I listed it as soon as I got home and I woke up this morning and it had already sold! Now that's smoking hot, folks.

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