Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Im in Love... with Pottery

That was hard to say,  I  find it hard to make the "love" statement.  Now that it is said I kind of feel better, like I have reassured myself.  So lets delve a little deeper into this love affair of mine.  Well, it began at the auction and Ladies and Gentlemen it was love at first sight if not the other.  Never in my life had i been enthralled with dinnerware and other fine ceramic.  Some might say I am too generous with my love but i give it willingly to; Lenox, Ironstone, Fiesta, Dansk, and all the pieces from Mottanedeh.  I know masses swooned over Mid Century Modern frankly,  I understand the appeal, but modern is just not me.  I like tried and true.  I love it classic, because time tested functionality serves to gain character.  Appealing indeed.

I lust after pottery, I buy it and flip it FAST!  Is like a drug to me,  to have it for a little while all to myself and then send it to its intended "home" repeating the cycle as often as i can.  Pray for me.

The pot in the picture is a Vintage MELITTA GERMANY Coffee Pot,  I knew when I saw it I had to have it.  Used it a couple of times and sold it this week for $15.  Cheap I know, but such is love.

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