Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Thrift Finds

cleencolla ebay
Oh, Wow!  It finally happened to me.  I had heard about this happening all over the thrift blogs.  However being a pessimist, well you know.
 "Behold Mates, I've struck GOLD"  

My 1st stop on Saturday was a  humble one family yard sale.  It was just down the road for me so the drive was short.  First look there was not much there for resale.  However last week I had resolved to buy at least one token item at every single family sale I attend.   I rationalized that it is the polite thing to do.  Plus truth be told I feel sheepish when I look and don't buy.

There was a box full of watches that caught my eye,  I have a calling for watches.  I buy lots of them, some to gift, some to keep and some of course to sell.  I thought I saw a fine vintage watch there... then I looked again and the cheap vinyl band told me put it down.  The ugly band covered the back of the case and so I couldn't read any "Gold filled" markings,  which is what I thought the watch might be.

I ended up buying two watches and a vintage Etch n Sketch (for my boy).  Then I had a very pleasant conversation with the family.   As I was walking away,  the man there gifted me the watch I had put down, it was a lovely gesture.  Sunday I was getting my items ready for the shop.  I picked up the watch and thought again, "This is such a nice looking watch"  I had to peek in the back... there was nothing on the outside of the case.

ebay cleencolla
But on the inside.....

The watch is 14k GOLD.
Now for my moral dilemma...
Return the watch or sell and share the profit?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amazon Book Sale

amazon sale cleencolla
Item: Gunman's Rhapsody [Hardcover] [2001] Parker, Robert B.
Condition: New
Condition note: perfect condition, gift giving quality
Order date: 04/26/2012
Your earnings: $6.75

Whoa, Nellie!  I doindnt even know I had a cowboy book... But hey,  there it is or rather there it goes.  Off to the blue yonder,  via Media mail of course.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Say it with me, "Birkenstock"

ebay cleencolla
All comfort aside, Are these not the ugliest sandals ever created?  I read on one of the re-seller blogs to always buy these sandals at yard sales.  Apparently, there is a big cult of Birkin lovers out there who are constantly looking for their next fix.  We ebayers keep them well supplied.  I bought these at my local thrift for $1 and was amazed when they sold for $41.01  To each his own in regards to style,  and to all of us looking for profits...."Birkins all around!"

Amazon Book Sale

amazon cleencolla
Item: The Random House Treasury of Best-Loved Poems  by Louis Phillips
Condition: New
Condition note: perfect condition
Order date: 04/23/2012
Your earnings: $6.32

This Book I bought at a yard sale/fundraiser being held at my nephews elementary school, I paid two quarters as Damian would said.  I liked this book because it had "If"  a  poem which was highly recommended by a very wise man.  I bought the book and read the entire poem to my nephew.  He wasn't impressed but I was.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Amazon Book Sale

Item: Encyclopedia of Cockatiels  by Smith, George A.
Condition: New
Condition note: perfect
Order date: 04/23/2012
Your earnings: $5.30

This one was picked up at thrift, paid .50 cents.  I have this rule,  I buy any animal books I come across  because I know we all need all the help we can get!

Amazon Book Sale

Item: The 7 Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes
Order date: 04/21/2012
Your earnings: $3.45

This particular book was free to me,  I received it at my college for attending an event.  By the way it is an awesome book.  Made an impact on my life, big or small changes... its all about attitude and forming habits.

Monday Thrift Finds

cleencolla ebay
My favorite find last week, Pair of Kahla Demitasse Cups made for Starbucks.  They are just lovely.  I love  Starbucks coffee so much, my sons will tell you,  " When mommy gets a boo-boo, Starbucks coffee pours out."  What can I tell you...Kids!  Admission time:  I was so envious of other bloggers who always seem to have the good fortune and find Starbucks items and this week I found two!
ebay cleencolla

I also scored, a Starbucks Home Collection sugar bowl.
ebay cleencolla

But the very best find I had as a re-seller and not an obsessed fan is this, a twelve inch round Platter in the Gallia pattern by Rogaska.  This baby I picked up based on some advice I received recently by a fellow auctioneer.  Paul said,  "Whenever you find glass that has been etched with a signature, you buy it!  Don't worry about who made it... its fine glass!"  Glad I listened,  Because somewhere down the pike Rogaska got intertwined with Waterford and their items are highly desirable.  Score for me!  Hope your hunt and peck went as well as mine.  Carmen

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amazon Book Sale

amazon book sale
Hot Dog I sold another book !

Item: The Pretty Village: An Easy-to-Assemble Antique Toy Town in Full Color (Models
Condition: New
Condition note: new in perfect condition.  no wear to cover or pages.  no marks or cuts.
Order date: 04/19/2012
Your earnings: $8.02

So cool to have this many book sales, Yay Me...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Amazon Book Sale

Another Book Sale today!

Item: Ultimate Book of Pot Holders - Crochet - Annie's Attic - #873151 [Paperback...
Condition: Used - Like New
Condition note: perfect condition
Order date: 04/18/2012
Your earnings: $14.40

This one came from the auction house as well,  I cant remember how little i paid but Im sure it was low.

Good night readers,  Keep Blogging and keep Selling.

Amazon Book Sale

Amazon Book Sale
Just Sold this Book Today!

Item: Cut & Assemble A Western Frontier Town (10 Picturesque Full-Color Buildings in
Condition: Used - Like New
Condition note: new in perfect condition.  no wear to cover or pages.  no cuts or marks.
Order date: 04/18/2012
Your earnings: $13.89

Bought 13 of these type books at auction for about $8 eons ago.  Admittedly they are slow movers.  However they do sell, i welcome each and every sale.

Gift Unwelcomed Turns Profit

ebay cleencolla
Weeks ago at the local auction house,  I was desperate... yes desperate to win this gorgeous Imperial Glass mint in the box cake stand. Milk glass is one of my few obsessions.   I love the aesthetic of the color,  for whatever reason decorating with milk glass calms me.
In the act of coveting  this wonderful cake stand  I received... the dreaded "gift with purchase" at the auction.  At the Auction House its not such a good thing when you get "gifted" an item.  If the auction is giving it away, well folks... that's not a good sign.
Alas because the gift with purchase was so monstrous I was able to win on the cake stand at a mere $9.  A fantastic price for a rare milk glass item.
Now for the gift,  it was a White Mountain Freezer, 6 Quart Hand Crank ICE CREAM Maker.  At nineteen pounds this item is the heaviest I have ever won at auction,  which is crazy because I buy boxes of books routinely.  The thing looks solid and well made but hand cranking ice cream is not my thing.  Not to mention I was kind of upset with having to lug this behemoth home.  Well, not anymore!  It sold on ebay for $116 shipping included.  So there, try not to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Lesson Learned.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It was a good run, down memory lane.

etsy cleencolla
Sadly I have sold the last of my Vintage Lucite 1960s Toy Klackers Clackers or Ker-Knockers. Oh! How sweet it was.  More than a year ago I bought eight dead stock sets for $8.  First I tried selling them on ebay but they shot me down.  Something about them being dangerous... preposterous,  I got hit in the head plenty of times with them as a child and i am still here, and so are you.   It took me a long time to realize I could list them on etsy but when I did,  they kind of just flew off the shelf.  I averaged about $35 a set.  I am going to miss them. (sigh) Book Sale

Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home by Nigella Lawson (2010, Hardcover) : Nigella Lawson (Hardcover, 2010)

ISBN-10 : 1401323952 ; ISBN-13 : 9781401323950
Condition: Brand New*perfect perfect perfect

Friday, April 13, 2012

Amazon Book Sale

Item: Schindler's List [Paperback]  by Keneally, Thomas
Condition: Used - Like New
Condition note: perfect. suitable for gift giving
Order date: 04/09/2012
Your earnings: $1.66

I wont get rich but this book is gonna get what it wants...


Reading is such a great thing,  Please read to your babies everyday, it increases brain function.

Slow and Steady

ebay cleencolla
Sales were small but steady this week, sold a significant amount of $5 items. However I love these type sales; Antique Dinner Plate Blue Willow hallmarked Buffalo Pottery made in 1911. I bought it as part of a broken china lot at auction for $1 sold it for $16.51 shipping included. sold even though it has a hair line crack. i do very well sometimes selling rare but not perfect china and pottery. Best thing is I have like 6 more pieces from that $1 lot left. There you go, slow and steady.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dead Market Antique Kodak Cameras

ebay cleencolla

ANTIQUE KODAK JUNIOR NO. 1 A AUTOGRAPHIC FOLDING CAMERA sold for $12.51 These used to do very well on ebay. I guess like everything else "Kodak" since the bankruptcy, they have lost their appeal. Is kind of sad for me because this camera was given to me by my father in law. I used to work as a photo lab technician, one of the many trades I peaked at. So it with was with great enthusiasm that he donned this camera on me and laughed a great big Italian laugh when he asked, "Do you have film for this?" Good times!  Great thing about this sale is that I will be shipping it all the way to Italy... Ralph would have loved that.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Thrift Finds!

ebay cleencolla
Here are my thrift store finds of the week... 

Vintage TexasWare Melamine Melma​c AVOCADO Cups

ebay cleencolla

Noritake Azalea 3 Footed Whipped Cream Bowl Pink Flowers Green Mark

No Rhyme, No Reason. Will it Sell?

ebay cleencolla
I found this 1999 hobby catalog at the auction a few weeks ago.  If memory serves me right, that particular week the auction house was liquidating the estate of a toy airplane collector.  This catalog was among one of his things.  Did i know what i was buying?  "Of course not, that's part of the fun!"  Anyhow the catalog got lumped with some things and it ended with me.

ebay cleencolla

 First glace, it made my mental "chuck" pile, I  mean what use is an old 1999 toy catalog?  Then curiosity got the best of me and i took a peek inside.  The diagrams were quite excellent, the drawings exact replicas with even the most minute detail.  Beautiful and brilliant I thought,  incredible crafting potential there.  Atlas not my type of crafting material.  So on to ebay where perhaps some crafty individual will find it.  It had a bidder from day one.  Event though this item did not make me rich,  I am happy that it is going to someone who wanted it.  Sometimes my selling fills in this desperate feeling I have to find new uses for discarded things, recycling is such a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Amazon Book Sale of the day

 This book is not a big money maker but a sale is always welcomed by me.  Add this to the two ebay, "buy it now" sales I had today and progress is being made.

Item: How to Cook for Crohn's and Colitis: More Than 200 Healthy, Delicious Recipes...
Condition: New
Condition note: perfect in gift giving condition
Order date: 04/04/2012
Your earnings: $4.92

  I hope all you readers are keeping up with the quotas, the buying and the packing!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Theres No New in a Vintaged World !


My weeks sales were low,  hopefully some of you out there are doing better.  But this leads me to have to admit; Lately I find myself crossing unto that place of which we talk about in hush tones... 

"the 21st Century"  

I have been listing lots of modern items not of the Mid-Century variety, in order to meet my selling quotas. This TIGNANELLO Cross Body Purse, which I sold this week is one such item.

I'm walking fine lines here people!  I am officially providing  vintage kitsh to the hip, and giving middle of the road mundane to the masses.  

 Listings that begin NIB or NIP are quite sad to me.  They just dont get my my soul roaring.  They dont give me that anticipation rush to research and list.  However they do bring me a couple bucks and sometimes folks... Money has to be enough! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Properly Vintaged Estate Treasures by Cleencolla: Amazon Book Sales Weekend and Today

Properly Vintaged Estate Treasures by Cleencolla: Amazon Book Sales Weekend and Today: I average one book sale a day on Amazon,  which is really good because my inventory of books is not very expansive.  I have in my back ro...

Amazon Book Sales Weekend and Today

I average one book sale a day on Amazon,  which is really good because my inventory of books is not very expansive.  I have in my back room maybe 150 books, that I have come about because I read them, used them or pity bought them at the auction.   I may be simple minded but I really enjoy making my one book sale a day on Amazon.  Here are the three I sold this weekend and today.

Item: Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing  by Reader's Digest
Condition: Used - Very Good
Condition note: very good with light wear to hard cover
Order date: 04/02/2012
Your earnings: $10.15

Item: Secret Fast Food Recipes: The Fast Food Cookbook  by Pitzer, Gloria
Condition: Used - Very Good
Condition note: 20th printing from October 1998
awesome yummy recipes.  no tears, no writing.
Order date: 04/01/2012
Your earnings: $16.95

 Item: Kodak Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery/KLIC 8000 [CD-ROM] [Camera]
Condition: New
Condition note: new in the sealed package,  but package is worst for wear.  soiled.... but the battery is new and guaranteed to work
Order date: 04/01/2012
Your earnings: $10.00

Yard Sale find 3/21 "Stamping Up" Pads
The weather was not so great this Saturday for yard sailing.  However I did manage to find two brave souls who stood by their rain or shine addendum.  And so there under an ill placed tarp I found this gently used complete set of Scrap booking Stamping Up! Pads.  The lady of the house had many a scrap booking item out for sale.  "Too time consuming", she said.  I agreed.

I am not a Scrap Booker,  so these are up for re-sale.  I promised my younger son that if these didn't go for my ask price on ebay, then he could have them.  The boy is obsessed with art, and he is quite the little artist, yet his supplies bucket runneth over. 

These Stamping Up! pads seem to be quite pricy, even on the bay.   So Im hoping to attract bidders with my low starting price. Classic Stampin Pads Up! "Rich Regals" Ink Set of 12 Retired Scrapbooking Craft