Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Book Sale Wrap-up

Because Tuesdays are busy for me,  I have decided to save all my book sales and create a feature posting on Tuesdays.  This brilliant idea came to me last week,  I amaze myself sometimes!  Funny thing is I have had zero book sales since last Tuesday.  Such is my world, I plan, I set up and then... Nothing!  Well here is hopping you have better luck than I.

For you book sellers that follow my blog, Could you?  Would you?  In a blog? Could you?  Would you?   In a link?  Could you?  Would you?  In a comment meant for me?  Share what books you like to flip?


  1. Hey Carmen,

    I've sold only 6 books in the past two weeks.
    2. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
    3. The Chef's Compendium Of Professional Recipes
    4. Tarantula Keeper's Guide
    5. The Goatkeeper's Veterinary Book
    6. 1000 Robots, Spaceships, and Other Tin Toys

    And right now I have a pending order (Kamikaze Nightmare) that I don’t think will go through since its been pending since the 25th….
    So I guess you could say that weird books sell for me…or religious stuff...or needlepoint or weird pet stuff. I also like self-help.

    It's really hard to say what people will want...but I think the more weird and obscure, the better...if you can sit on them for a long while...

    I notice you sell lots of children's books...because you like them? or what? What's your criteria?

    1. I sell a lot of kids books, because well... they sell fast. I think kids read more often,due to school and all. Adults don't read half as much as they should. The kid books I sell are the classics, things i read to my kiddos. I am not a fan of adult fiction so I dont sell novels (unless is an auction box lot item. I sell books that teach because thats what i like to read, so thats what i pick at the thrift store.

  2. Thanks Crystal, lets see who else would like to share

  3. I have flipped a vintage copy of Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf for $50 that I got for free. Like you, I sell a lot of children's books but I also sell Janet Evanovich, Nicholas Sparks among many others. The Complete Guide to the Galaxy or whatever that fantasy fiction book from the 80's is...I sold that for $19.

  4. Diana, thanks for your comment. Where do you get books?

  5. I get most of them from yard sales and the Salvation Army that does a fill-a-box for $5 sale every day. I just sold 9 Calvin and Hobbes books for $30, by the way. That's another one that's pretty hot.

  6. Most of the books I sell are craft, diy, or nonfiction with a very specific topic or niche.

    I've had to cut back on my book buying lately....I'm overloaded. Like everything...more fun to find than to list.

  7. Late Night,
    Thank you for joining the fun. Sorry to hear of your overload... however lets hope sales rain on us, Right? I am so ready to get soaked in sales. I almost anticipating all the packing.

  8. The only books I can ever get to sell are kids chapter books sold in lots (Junie B, Captain Underpants, Magic Tree House). I try to find "unique" or "niche" books and they are always duds so I have given up on most books. I did just read the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy so I may see if those will sell (quite steamy btw) :)

  9. Thanks Marci... Childrens books do tend to sell very well. I sell quite a few of them myself. I stick to the ones I read to my two boys, or the ones they tell me are "cool" Please keep reading my blog, Carmen


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