Thursday, May 31, 2012

What not to Sell: Huge Fragile Items

I bought this Corning Ware  dutch oven because Blue Corn Flower is my  mother-in-laws pattern.  She loves Corning wear, swears by it and god bless her she uses it to cook EVERYDAY!   Yes! she cooks everyday!  Are ya feeling the shame with me?  No, not yet?  Well let me add that my MIL is 82 years old this year.  The shame! Its burning my eyes!  Here this will make us feel better... Everyday cooking  places a lot of wear and tear on these beautiful dishes, that's why we don't cook everyday, Right?
Being the world's most awesome-est daughter in law I have been slowly replacing her "well-loved" pieces with ones from thrift.  But she didn't need the dutch oven,  said it was too big.  Then suggested I keep it and use it myself, ummm... "No, thanks!"  I listed that sucker faster than you can sell an original Andy Warhol on a $100 BIN eBay auction.  The dish did sell,  but the thing was huge and such an issue to pack.  There was too many pieces of foam, miles and miles of bubblewrap and a ton of newspaper.  And still it didnt make it.   Apparently the package met some basketball playing US Postal Service employees, and the dutch oven was done for.   Profit on Corning Ware dutch oven  $0

There you have it... Dont sell huge, fragile items!

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  1. I really try to avoid fragile items! Blue Corning ware is my pattern also. Luckily I purchased one of these off ebay and it made it intact!


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