Friday, March 30, 2012

High Profit Item of the Week

 I bought this Genuine Alligator bag at auction a couple of months ago.  It came with a lovely vintage suede tote, which i still use and enjoy very much.  The two bags ran me $12 plus auction house fees.

 The Alligator bag had some minor flaws,  but it was still spectacular.  I took it out with me to several events and received many comments.  But me and bags, Well... we part ways easily.   So it goes that this was my highest Profit item this week it closed at $49.05 s/h included.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND READERS.... see ya Monday Bright and Early !

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Amazon Book Sale of the Day

Sold this book tonight from my Amazon Store.  This is the book I had been interested in tuesday at the Auction.  Same lot where found the Terrier doggie from my, "Oh, You're Broken" post

Item: Big Book of Conspiracies (Factoid Books) [Paperback]  by Moench, Doug
Condition: Used - Like New
Condition note: very small corner wear, otherwise perfect
Quantity: 1
Order date: 03/29/2012
Your earnings: $13.47

 There you have it another profitable Sale.

Visit my AMAZON Store, "Properly Vintaged Estate Treasures"

Dirty, Rusty, Tarnished or Patina?
Today I had a small listing frenzy. Its been a bad allergy day for me so I had to make listing quick and easy under the conditions. What better way to do that than by picking a theme! Seriously try it sometimes, “Listing flies when a theme is in mind.”



 The theme for me today, “Properly Tarnished.” I selected from my storage area: dirty, rusty, patina and tarnished items that can do double duty as urns and vases. I think these type items will do well in this wonderful allergy weather, err, I mean during this wonderful spring weather.  

There is just something fantastically beautiful about a tarnished object full of freshly bloomed flowers. A sight to behold, so I hope my Properly Tarnished objects do well this week on ebay.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“Oh! You're Broken!”

Those were the devastating words Woody heard as he tumbled down to be forever discarded in the toy box by his owner Andy. The scene in case you been living under a rock is from Pixar's Toy Story 2. The sentiment is all too real; Toys get broken, yet they remain incredibly loved.

This Tuesday a broken toy made its way into one of my boxed lots. I had no idea it was there. I was just interested in one book I saw. This broken Terrier doggie was a sad surprise to me. He was made perfect, very detailed. Molded of some type metal and delicately hand painted. In his hind legs the inscription “Germany.” He was beautiful but he was “broken.”

I admired the Regal looking Terrier for a long time, sad at whatever child had loved him and lost him. Then I remembered... Woody was a collectible deemed worthy of repair! I had renewed hope for my little Terrier. Maybe he was worth saving. Armed with four key words: TERRIER DOG Metal Germany, I entered Google.

I found my doggie all over the internet. My instincts were right, he remains well loved. So much so that he is routinely bought broken. Such as was the case in this ebay listing were he sold for $9.99...

The ebay listing above was very amusing and I wondered, How much would this little guy sell for in good condition? Off to the search engines I went. I was WOWed. It doesnt take much to to WOW me, however... Would you believe this tiny 3”x3” toy sells for $74.95 in good condition? Its true! You can see for your self here....


Some grown child out there is looking for my broken 1920's Cold Painted Irish Terrier. They need one like the one they played with at grandma's. I’m happy to oblige. I understand the need as I myself have bought a broken toy. YOU?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1960s Mad Men's "Kelly Bag"

Do you know what a "Kelly" Bag is, and why they are so popular NOW?

The title of my post kind of gives it away.  Yet to further clarify; the Kelly bag was named after Princess Grace Kelly (Gorgeous Creature),  the original bag was designed and produced by the Hermes Company.  Yes the very same of  "Birkin" fame,  if you follow that sort of thing.  You can read all about it here....
(History of the Kelly Bag)

This Classic Shape Purse is back in high demand because of a little unknown TV Series called, Mad Men.  The show airs Sunday nights on AMC, it has been running since 2007.  As a girl, I really care not for the story line, but my jaw drops at the fashion of it all.  No, really!  See for yourself here, I ran a google search for you...,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=aba6cfe2350ebb00&biw=1280&bih=841

(google search: Mad Men Fashion)

On Saturday morning I got up bright and early.  I had decided the night before to do like the "PROS" do and make the Annual St Marks Catholic School Flea Market, on an early bird note.  I was salivating over this flea market because it involved church parishioners and parents of the kids.  These are not typically collectors or re-sellers so their stuff is sold pretty cheap, and with no note of how valuable stuff might be.

At the very first table I spotted her... The opus of Kelly Style Bags.  The one that tells the world, "Yes, I have arrived and my purse is glorious"  She was bright red with gold tone accents.  Styling and material date her to about 1964.  She was as close to pristine as a nearly fifty year old purse is going to be, and she was going to be mine!  I picked her up unassumingly, as you always should to keep the price low.  Gave her a good once over and asked for a price.   Here she is...

 Isnt she a beauty?  She is near mint and clean as whistle inside.  I love Kelly Style Bags with passion that surpasses my finances, I have many.  Therefore she really cant stay with me, but to buy her was such a score!  Fret not I will find her a better home on ebay soon, SHE IS LISTED HERE...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Amazon Sale of the Day

As I briefly mentioned I sell books online.  Wait maybe I hadn't mentioned that,  Oh, Well!  now you know.  I sell books on and Amazon.  Both sites have their charms. is great for clearing out your college text books.  I had my share lying around, fifteen years of working on a degree will do that to a Chic.
 (my site)

Amazon is amazing for selling Antique, Vintage,  and Out of Print Books.  Let me say that again,  Amazon is Amazing!

(my amazon store)

Today I sold this book on Amazon...

(Babes in Toy Land)

Yes that's right, Babes In Toy Land and why not?  Some kiddos have not read it yet.  This is the order information I received from Amazon.

Item: Babes in Toyland by Bluth, Toby
Condition: New
Condition note: perfect. suitable for gift giving
Quantity: 1
Order date: 03/26/2012
Buyer's price: $19.99

So how did I come about this book?  Not from my personal collection of rare books.  I actually bought this at auction.  Sometimes I randomly bid on book lots because nobody else in the auction house is putting their hand up.  Its not unusual for me to buy six books for $1-$3 this way.  Sometimes the books are winners, like this one turned out to be.  This is one of those books people remember from childhood and they want to read to their own kids.  Bless their hearts.

So there you have it, "Sell books its worth it!"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thinking of selling on ebay?

I work hard selling on ebay,  an online store takes determination.  
I started selling for profit about two years ago.
It has been a long learning process.  
I still call myself a beginner because that is exactly how I feel.  
Just this year I started to feel like I have secured my footing, 
and just this month I decided I really want a serious online enterprise.  
There is lots of fun to be had (if you like that kind of stuff)  
but there is also a learning curve.  
Ask me any questions... 
I love to help.

My store, VTG Estate Treasures

 Description of my store:

Our "Treasures" are discovered at Local Estate Auctions and listed on Ebay 
for the pleasure and ease of collectors. 

Dont see What You Need in your collection?

Please request it, we can be your personal shoppers.

What a buy ! Royal Crown Derby "Gold Aves"

Saturday  March 24, 2012  I bought at my favorite local auction this box lot of assorted china...

I had inspected the boxed lot and seen this absolutely gorgeous compote type piece.

(pic of boxed lot)

I am not very familiar with fine china and pottery but i like to think that i know beautiful when i see it.  The piece is beautiful.  I could tell when i picked it it up that it was well made.   Sadly it has a hairline crack, is an easy fix for those in the know. I decided I was taking a chance on this box lot because the beautiful gold laden piece screamed "quality"  I was shocked that no one else bid against me and i won the lot.

(pic of plate)

The piece is well marked...

(pic of crack)

Thanks to this very detailed hallmark,  I was able to run a through search on the internet.  This is what I found...

Royal Crown Derby Gold Aves Marquise Bowl.

Description: English bone china with bird/floral motif and 22-karat yellow gold trim. Birds of Paradise and Peacocks with long trailing feathers adorn this dramatic tableware. The original design was taken from an embroidered cushion fashioned by a member of the Royal Academy of Needlework in the mid-1930. Modern matching pieces are carried by Neiman Marcus.

A very rare find,  this compote is only found online at these two shops...

The prices are $750 at ebay and $974 at  Quite pricy, so I am going to test my luck and list mine on ebay this week... see what it brings "hairline crack" and all.  I will start  the bidding real low, $25 plus Priority shipping.  I usually start my auctions low because auctions are more fun when you watch the increased bidding.  I love to see auctions with like 61 bids!  Its exciting.  Wholesome fun for those of us working from home.

 Wish me Luck!  
And check out my Auctions.