Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Did I ever tell you...

cleencolla properly vintaged etsy
That I sell on Etsy?  Well, I do.

I have a sister store there.  I have had it for about two years now,  somehow I don't show it the love and respect it rightfully deserves.  Etsy is very good to me.  I usually transition items from my eBay store to there.  I have to point out it takes longer to move items on Etsy, however I get my asking price 90% of the time.

eBay cant beat that!  I should start posting my Etsy sales here to share with you.

OK,  here goes the first one.  These Navajo earrings are like super hot (that was me channeling my daughter Kay),  I wore them a few times after scoring them at auction.  They got me the few compliments I needed to boost my ego.  Yet alas, like most of my jewelry...  I bore of them.   On to greener pastures for them, we said our finals and I listed them on Etsy.  They went for $35, which is about twice as much as I paid for them.

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