Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amazon Sales Catch-up

Please bare with me, I am listing here all my amazon sales for the past 3 days. I was busy graduating from college and let things slip.

Item: Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Special Edition 2006 (Ripley's Believe It Or Not Special Edition) [Hardcover] [2005] Packard, M; Inc., Ripleys
Condition: New
Condition note: perfect, no wear
Order date: 05/17/2012
Your earnings: $5.69

This book was a yard sale discovery by my boy Emanuel. He loves these books. Once he was done he declared, "Mommy sell this for me" So I did.

Item: The Works of Plato: Four Volumes Complete in One [Hardcover] [1945] Plato; B. Jowett
Condition: Used - Very Good
Condition note: includes dust jacket. binding is excellent. pages are excellent. some tiny pencil marks in chapter section. not at all in fragile condition, very usable.
Order date: 05/16/2012
Your earnings: $10.15

Book was bought at thrift for $1. I had intended to read it but is too hard to follow, call me dim.

Item: Olympus IS-1 35mm SLR Film Camera w/ 35-135mm Zoom Lens
Condition: Used - Very Good
Condition note: With battery. Point and shoot tested and working beautifully. Excellent cosmetic shape. No manual or film included. Manual can be found online. Takes awesome pictures.
Order date: 05/16/2012
Your earnings: $39.30

This Camera was bought at a yard sale for $3, the seller said it didn't work because the shutter wouldn't release. The camera is an INTELLIGENT SLR, the shutter does not release if the settings are wrong. It works perfectly. and to think this very same guy was trying to sell me the book, "Photography for Dummies" (shakes head)

Item: Wet & Wild I Dream of Greenie 331
Condition: New
Condition note: sealed
Order date: 05/15/2012
Your earnings: $7.43

This is makeup I bought on clearance.

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