Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Theres No New in a Vintaged World !


My weeks sales were low,  hopefully some of you out there are doing better.  But this leads me to have to admit; Lately I find myself crossing unto that place of which we talk about in hush tones... 

"the 21st Century"  

I have been listing lots of modern items not of the Mid-Century variety, in order to meet my selling quotas. This TIGNANELLO Cross Body Purse, which I sold this week is one such item.

I'm walking fine lines here people!  I am officially providing  vintage kitsh to the hip, and giving middle of the road mundane to the masses.  

 Listings that begin NIB or NIP are quite sad to me.  They just dont get my my soul roaring.  They dont give me that anticipation rush to research and list.  However they do bring me a couple bucks and sometimes folks... Money has to be enough! 

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