Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thinking of selling on ebay?

I work hard selling on ebay,  an online store takes determination.  
I started selling for profit about two years ago.
It has been a long learning process.  
I still call myself a beginner because that is exactly how I feel.  
Just this year I started to feel like I have secured my footing, 
and just this month I decided I really want a serious online enterprise.  
There is lots of fun to be had (if you like that kind of stuff)  
but there is also a learning curve.  
Ask me any questions... 
I love to help.

My store, VTG Estate Treasures

 Description of my store:

Our "Treasures" are discovered at Local Estate Auctions and listed on Ebay 
for the pleasure and ease of collectors. 

Dont see What You Need in your collection?

Please request it, we can be your personal shoppers.

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