Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Thrift Finds

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Oh, Wow!  It finally happened to me.  I had heard about this happening all over the thrift blogs.  However being a pessimist, well you know.
 "Behold Mates, I've struck GOLD"  

My 1st stop on Saturday was a  humble one family yard sale.  It was just down the road for me so the drive was short.  First look there was not much there for resale.  However last week I had resolved to buy at least one token item at every single family sale I attend.   I rationalized that it is the polite thing to do.  Plus truth be told I feel sheepish when I look and don't buy.

There was a box full of watches that caught my eye,  I have a calling for watches.  I buy lots of them, some to gift, some to keep and some of course to sell.  I thought I saw a fine vintage watch there... then I looked again and the cheap vinyl band told me put it down.  The ugly band covered the back of the case and so I couldn't read any "Gold filled" markings,  which is what I thought the watch might be.

I ended up buying two watches and a vintage Etch n Sketch (for my boy).  Then I had a very pleasant conversation with the family.   As I was walking away,  the man there gifted me the watch I had put down, it was a lovely gesture.  Sunday I was getting my items ready for the shop.  I picked up the watch and thought again, "This is such a nice looking watch"  I had to peek in the back... there was nothing on the outside of the case.

ebay cleencolla
But on the inside.....

The watch is 14k GOLD.
Now for my moral dilemma...
Return the watch or sell and share the profit?


  1. Sell and share the profit. The man obviously wasn't attached to it.

  2. Holy Smokes Batman! You forgot your third alternative which as a seller of used goods, as you so eloquently and may I say, so effectively stated on your page are a businesswoman. And as a business woman you know that in order to stay in business you have to buy low and sell high. So I say, sell the watch, keep the money and keep your eye out for more items for you to sell to bolster the economy! And never turn down the serendipitous gift...unless you just want do do a lot of awkward explaining...

  3. Addenum...actually I do have a similar sotry...I bought a stack of 24 cartoon books at a re-sale shop that had crazy prices on junk and then there were these unmarked books. I took them to the counter and asked for a price and was told 50 cents me being me and that is a person who always asked for a deal countered with..Well, I was hopiing to pay twenty five cents... the guy says sure... So I sold one of the books for $19.95 and then I went to a garage sale and bought some more stuff from these same people only now the sale was on their driveway. One original piece of artwork from Mike Peters (Mother Goose and Grimm) they had marked for a quarter. That was a month ago, and a week ago I sold another book for $349.95. Yes, that's right... now, how would I go about explaining that to them? Seriously...

    1. Ladies,
      Thank you for reading and for giving me advice. I have sold the watch and will be making a cash gift to the family, that will set my conscience. Thank again.

  4. Crystal,
    They were very happy to receive $50 gift, and they were quite puzzled at how honest people can be. Which is the part I loved the most. Thanks for reading my blog.

  5. Well, good for you and you are welcome! 8-)


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