Monday, April 9, 2012

No Rhyme, No Reason. Will it Sell?

ebay cleencolla
I found this 1999 hobby catalog at the auction a few weeks ago.  If memory serves me right, that particular week the auction house was liquidating the estate of a toy airplane collector.  This catalog was among one of his things.  Did i know what i was buying?  "Of course not, that's part of the fun!"  Anyhow the catalog got lumped with some things and it ended with me.

ebay cleencolla

 First glace, it made my mental "chuck" pile, I  mean what use is an old 1999 toy catalog?  Then curiosity got the best of me and i took a peek inside.  The diagrams were quite excellent, the drawings exact replicas with even the most minute detail.  Beautiful and brilliant I thought,  incredible crafting potential there.  Atlas not my type of crafting material.  So on to ebay where perhaps some crafty individual will find it.  It had a bidder from day one.  Event though this item did not make me rich,  I am happy that it is going to someone who wanted it.  Sometimes my selling fills in this desperate feeling I have to find new uses for discarded things, recycling is such a beautiful thing.

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