Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Thrift Finds

cleencolla ebay
My favorite find last week, Pair of Kahla Demitasse Cups made for Starbucks.  They are just lovely.  I love  Starbucks coffee so much, my sons will tell you,  " When mommy gets a boo-boo, Starbucks coffee pours out."  What can I tell you...Kids!  Admission time:  I was so envious of other bloggers who always seem to have the good fortune and find Starbucks items and this week I found two!
ebay cleencolla

I also scored, a Starbucks Home Collection sugar bowl.
ebay cleencolla

But the very best find I had as a re-seller and not an obsessed fan is this, a twelve inch round Platter in the Gallia pattern by Rogaska.  This baby I picked up based on some advice I received recently by a fellow auctioneer.  Paul said,  "Whenever you find glass that has been etched with a signature, you buy it!  Don't worry about who made it... its fine glass!"  Glad I listened,  Because somewhere down the pike Rogaska got intertwined with Waterford and their items are highly desirable.  Score for me!  Hope your hunt and peck went as well as mine.  Carmen

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