Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gift Unwelcomed Turns Profit

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Weeks ago at the local auction house,  I was desperate... yes desperate to win this gorgeous Imperial Glass mint in the box cake stand. Milk glass is one of my few obsessions.   I love the aesthetic of the color,  for whatever reason decorating with milk glass calms me.
In the act of coveting  this wonderful cake stand  I received... the dreaded "gift with purchase" at the auction.  At the Auction House its not such a good thing when you get "gifted" an item.  If the auction is giving it away, well folks... that's not a good sign.
Alas because the gift with purchase was so monstrous I was able to win on the cake stand at a mere $9.  A fantastic price for a rare milk glass item.
Now for the gift,  it was a White Mountain Freezer, 6 Quart Hand Crank ICE CREAM Maker.  At nineteen pounds this item is the heaviest I have ever won at auction,  which is crazy because I buy boxes of books routinely.  The thing looks solid and well made but hand cranking ice cream is not my thing.  Not to mention I was kind of upset with having to lug this behemoth home.  Well, not anymore!  It sold on ebay for $116 shipping included.  So there, try not to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Lesson Learned.

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