Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a buy ! Royal Crown Derby "Gold Aves"

Saturday  March 24, 2012  I bought at my favorite local auction this box lot of assorted china...

I had inspected the boxed lot and seen this absolutely gorgeous compote type piece.

(pic of boxed lot)

I am not very familiar with fine china and pottery but i like to think that i know beautiful when i see it.  The piece is beautiful.  I could tell when i picked it it up that it was well made.   Sadly it has a hairline crack, is an easy fix for those in the know. I decided I was taking a chance on this box lot because the beautiful gold laden piece screamed "quality"  I was shocked that no one else bid against me and i won the lot.

(pic of plate)

The piece is well marked...

(pic of crack)

Thanks to this very detailed hallmark,  I was able to run a through search on the internet.  This is what I found...

Royal Crown Derby Gold Aves Marquise Bowl.

Description: English bone china with bird/floral motif and 22-karat yellow gold trim. Birds of Paradise and Peacocks with long trailing feathers adorn this dramatic tableware. The original design was taken from an embroidered cushion fashioned by a member of the Royal Academy of Needlework in the mid-1930. Modern matching pieces are carried by Neiman Marcus.

A very rare find,  this compote is only found online at these two shops...

The prices are $750 at ebay and $974 at  Quite pricy, so I am going to test my luck and list mine on ebay this week... see what it brings "hairline crack" and all.  I will start  the bidding real low, $25 plus Priority shipping.  I usually start my auctions low because auctions are more fun when you watch the increased bidding.  I love to see auctions with like 61 bids!  Its exciting.  Wholesome fun for those of us working from home.

 Wish me Luck!  
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  1. For those of interested in my Royal Crown Derby Post, there is a wealth of information about Royal Crown Derby Hallmarks here...
    I just found out my compote is from circa 1970, how cool is that!

  2. The Plate SOLD! it went for US $54.72 shipping included. Awesomeness


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