Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“Oh! You're Broken!”

Those were the devastating words Woody heard as he tumbled down to be forever discarded in the toy box by his owner Andy. The scene in case you been living under a rock is from Pixar's Toy Story 2. The sentiment is all too real; Toys get broken, yet they remain incredibly loved.

This Tuesday a broken toy made its way into one of my boxed lots. I had no idea it was there. I was just interested in one book I saw. This broken Terrier doggie was a sad surprise to me. He was made perfect, very detailed. Molded of some type metal and delicately hand painted. In his hind legs the inscription “Germany.” He was beautiful but he was “broken.”

I admired the Regal looking Terrier for a long time, sad at whatever child had loved him and lost him. Then I remembered... Woody was a collectible deemed worthy of repair! I had renewed hope for my little Terrier. Maybe he was worth saving. Armed with four key words: TERRIER DOG Metal Germany, I entered Google.

I found my doggie all over the internet. My instincts were right, he remains well loved. So much so that he is routinely bought broken. Such as was the case in this ebay listing were he sold for $9.99...

The ebay listing above was very amusing and I wondered, How much would this little guy sell for in good condition? Off to the search engines I went. I was WOWed. It doesnt take much to to WOW me, however... Would you believe this tiny 3”x3” toy sells for $74.95 in good condition? Its true! You can see for your self here....


Some grown child out there is looking for my broken 1920's Cold Painted Irish Terrier. They need one like the one they played with at grandma's. I’m happy to oblige. I understand the need as I myself have bought a broken toy. YOU?

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