Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1960s Mad Men's "Kelly Bag"

Do you know what a "Kelly" Bag is, and why they are so popular NOW?

The title of my post kind of gives it away.  Yet to further clarify; the Kelly bag was named after Princess Grace Kelly (Gorgeous Creature),  the original bag was designed and produced by the Hermes Company.  Yes the very same of  "Birkin" fame,  if you follow that sort of thing.  You can read all about it here....

(History of the Kelly Bag)

This Classic Shape Purse is back in high demand because of a little unknown TV Series called, Mad Men.  The show airs Sunday nights on AMC, it has been running since 2007.  As a girl, I really care not for the story line, but my jaw drops at the fashion of it all.  No, really!  See for yourself here, I ran a google search for you...


(google search: Mad Men Fashion)

On Saturday morning I got up bright and early.  I had decided the night before to do like the "PROS" do and make the Annual St Marks Catholic School Flea Market, on an early bird note.  I was salivating over this flea market because it involved church parishioners and parents of the kids.  These are not typically collectors or re-sellers so their stuff is sold pretty cheap, and with no note of how valuable stuff might be.

At the very first table I spotted her... The opus of Kelly Style Bags.  The one that tells the world, "Yes, I have arrived and my purse is glorious"  She was bright red with gold tone accents.  Styling and material date her to about 1964.  She was as close to pristine as a nearly fifty year old purse is going to be, and she was going to be mine!  I picked her up unassumingly, as you always should to keep the price low.  Gave her a good once over and asked for a price.   Here she is...

 Isnt she a beauty?  She is near mint and clean as whistle inside.  I love Kelly Style Bags with passion that surpasses my finances, I have many.  Therefore she really cant stay with me, but to buy her was such a score!  Fret not I will find her a better home on ebay soon, SHE IS LISTED HERE...

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  1. This bag did not sell on the first go round, so i have re listed it with a buy it now option.


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