Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dirty, Rusty, Tarnished or Patina?
Today I had a small listing frenzy. Its been a bad allergy day for me so I had to make listing quick and easy under the conditions. What better way to do that than by picking a theme! Seriously try it sometimes, “Listing flies when a theme is in mind.”



 The theme for me today, “Properly Tarnished.” I selected from my storage area: dirty, rusty, patina and tarnished items that can do double duty as urns and vases. I think these type items will do well in this wonderful allergy weather, err, I mean during this wonderful spring weather.  

There is just something fantastically beautiful about a tarnished object full of freshly bloomed flowers. A sight to behold, so I hope my Properly Tarnished objects do well this week on ebay.


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  1. I was able to sell some of these on the first round. The ice bucket found a new home and so did one of the sets of goblets, all other have been listed again.


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