Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Category... How exciting !

So I kind of let you guys on with a little hype about this post, I hope you enjoy it. For the past month I have been quite successful in selling in a new to me category...."clothing." More specifically pre-owned clothing. Truth is I love to sell pottery, collectibles and vintage but really there was some kind of economic stand still and my items in those categories were not moving. A girl got eat so I had to make moves, get things selling again.

I sat and thought for a long time (gosh it was a very long time). Then I opened up Terapeak and researched some numbers. It then became apparent what I always kind of knew, people can starve for a little while but they will never go nude!

I have a source of really cheap pre-owned clothing, I call it my favorite store. Its the local thrift and I volunteer there on Thursdays, well most Thursdays. Anyhow at this store smaller sizes don't generally sell well. The thrift store has piles of clothing size x small and small. Following the Terapeak numbers I decided to cherry pick all the pricy brands in these sizes. I listed the clothing way low using eBay actions and I have to report I have been doing very well. On average my profit per piece is $8 dollars, so I wont get rich fast but I will keep at it.

Listing clothing is fairly easy. Photographs are kind of simple with not too much to fuss about. Shipping is a breeze... tyvek envelopes y'all!

So try it I highly recommend it and you might like it....


  1. That was a very enlightening post! I've tried selling vintage clothing on ebay years back with no success. I did sell odds & ends. The tyvek packaging is an excellent idea! That is fantastic that you found a niche...good luck!!

  2. Good idea, our son has been selling blue jeans on Ebay for a couple of years! Others have gotten smart too and he has to try to beat them to the new arrivals!
    Want to thank you for the chuckle; someone sent us this link and we just HAD to share it on our website!,%20naturist%20news/oh-is-that-so/


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