Friday, June 8, 2012

Flip of the Week: BURBERRY RAIN COAT

VTG BURBERRY RAIN COAT WOOL LINER Size 40 REG cleencolla properly vintaged
Like everyone else my sales have been hurting.  Im doing OK selling books... but ebay is killing me.  So my big flip this week was this VTG BURBERRY RAIN COAT WOOL LINER Size 40 REG.  It sold For $28.05 w/shipping.  I had bought the entire Burberry rain coat at auction for $5.  Nobody at the auction would touch it because it had some stains, but I'm not afraid to do laundry.   I took on the stains, Guess who won?  They did!

Luckily my very smart (and beautiful) sister told me I should sell the liner separate because the coat part still had light stains that devalued it.  So a few months ago the jacket sold for close to $20 and now with the sale of the liner at $28  I am feeling OK with the fact that I met a stain I could not remove.  So there is some "happy" to go along with the low sales.

May the good Lord increase Yer Sales 10 fold by weeks end Lads and Lassies!

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